Big Brain Academy: Kopf an Kopf - Nintendo Switch

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Big Brain Academy: Kopf an Kopf - Nintendo Switch


Item number: 86204

CHF 35.90

Release: 03.12.2021

Flex your brain the fun way with family and friends!

Who has the brawniest brain in your family? Flex that grey matter and find out in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain for Nintendo Switch.

Step up to brain-flexing challenges in five different categories: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Master each category to pump up your Big Brain Brawn!

Play with up to three other players simultaneously, or pit your Big Brain Brawn against players all over the world in Ghost Clash, even when you aren't playing at the same time.

So how about stepping up to the plate and building up that Big Brain Brawn in a variety of styles, whether it's by untangling thorny puzzles alone, or by going head-to-head in thrilling contests with rivals?