Lego Star Wars 75159 Death Star -

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Lego Star Wars 75159 Death Star -


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Recreate fascinating scenes from the Star Wars saga with the Empire's ultimate planet obliterator - the Death Star!

This fantastic model is composed of over 4000 parts and houses an entire galaxy of nested, authentic areas.

These include the superlaser control room, Imperial conference room, hangar bay with movable launch pad and Lord Vader's TIE Advanced (with room for Darth Vader), Emperor Palpatine's throne room, droid workshop, cell wing, trash compactor, tractor beam, cargo hold, turbo laser with spring-assisted shooters and seats for the two Death Star gunners, and two movable turbo laser turrets.

The fantastic set also includes 23 legendary minifigures and 2 Droids to guarantee hours of Star Wars fun.



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